Liquid quickly reclears Sepulcher of the First Ones in WoW Race to World First

One-shots left and right.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Team Liquid made relatively quick work of their reclear of Sepulcher of the First Ones today following the North American weekly reset in World of Warcraft during the Race to World First.

The guild was working on the final boss of the instance, The Jailer, yesterday prior to today’s reset, and it didn’t take them too long to get back to the encounter this afternoon. The only other guild that has made it to The Jailer is European guild Echo. That guild’s weekly reset is 16 hours after the NA reset.

Team Liquid’s reclear included a few less-than-clean kills, but it’s hard to complain about much when the group one-shot more bosses than they didn’t. Of the 10 bosses they killed, they defeated six of them on their first attempt.

Three other WoW bosses were taken down in four or fewer attempts.

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Aduin Wrynn was the only boss that took the guild more than 10 attempts. They downed the boss on their 11th try. Anduin was notably a part of a bug fix today. During last week’s progression, a hotfix made it so some mechanics for Anduin that should have been damaging the raid were not doing so. With the weekly reset, Blizzard pushed a hotfix aimed at resolving that bug, making the encounter more difficult than it was when Echo and Liquid killed it last week.

Following the 10am CT weekly reset, Liquid’s players did a few weekly in-game chores prior to starting their reclear. They were done with reclearing before dinner time, downing the last of their reclear bosses by the late afternoon.

Echo will also look to reclear the instance tomorrow in the early morning NA time. If the guild can post a comparable reclear time to Liquid, the race will be as tight as ever with both guilds progressing on The Jailer with comparable best-pull figures.