Liquid fly through Mythic pulls, claim share of lead for WoW Amirdrassil Race to World First

Wow, that was... really fast.

Fyrakk from the WoW raid Amirdrassil
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The top guilds in the world spent the first three days of the World of Warcraft Race to World First without stepping foot in the Amirdrassil The Dreams Hope Mythic difficulty raid. And today, Team Liquid made it clear why.

After three days of doing split raids on the Amirdrassil’s Normal and Heroic difficulties, Liquid made quick work of the first half of the raid in Mythic on their way to a share of the lead after killing six out of nine bosses in around three total hours on Nov. 17.

The guild Instant Dollars, which is composed of many former Race to World First-caliber players, achieved World First kills on five of the first six bosses in the raid but did not spend days doing splits with alternate characters the way that other top guilds like Liquid and Echo did.

Liquid’s swift run through the raid’s first six bosses included one-shots on the first three bosses and no more than seven pulls on any boss. With much better gear than Instant Dollars, Liquid were able to achieve much faster kills than Instant Dollars’ World Firsts.

At time of writing, Liquid are on a break, but they have taken the lead on Smolderon by getting the boss down to 66 percent health. They have pulled the boss seven times.

In an interview on the Liquid broadcast, the guild’s raid leader Maximum said he believes the team has the ability to kill the raid’s penultimate boss—Tindral Sageswift, Seer of the Flame—today, which would leave them with just one boss left to claim a RWF victory. Their biggest competition, Echo, started their Mythic raiding efforts this afternoon and have already downed the first three bosses, doing so just as impressively fast as Liquid.


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