How to get flying in World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Classic

Fly like an eagle.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

World of Warcraft’s first expansion, Burning Crusade, introduced players to an entirely new continent in 2007 with Outland. It also gave them the ability to fly through all of its zones.

Flying wasn’t available in World of Warcraft Classic. But once players hit level 70 in TBC Classic, they’ll quickly be able to take to the skies as long as they have the financial means to do so.

There are no requirements for flying in TBC other than being level 70 and having the proper amount of gold.

There are two levels of flying mount training in TBC: Normal and epic. 

Normal flying will give you all of the vertical mobility that you’ll want in Outland, but your movement speed will only be increased by 60 percent. This means that someone with a maximum level riding mount from Classic will be faster than you if you’re traveling in a straight line.

Training for normal flying costs 800 gold and a mount for it will cost another 100 gold.

Epic flying is where things get serious with an air speed of 280 percent above unmounted running speed. Epic flying mounts will still only give you plus 100 percent speed when they’re grounded, though.

If you’re looking to take to the sky and be as fast as possible, epic training will cost 5,000 gold and the mount will cost you another 1,000 gold.

Since this effort is so gold intensive, many players started saving gold early in preparation for the release of TBC Classic on June 1. 

Players will be able to train flying and purchase mounts in Shadowmoon Valley. This is a change from when TBC was originally released. On launch in 2007, flying was learned in Hellfire Penninsula at Thrallmar and Honor Hold for the Horde and Alliance, respectively.

That was changed to Shadowmoon Valley in a later patch and Blizzard is using that for TBC Classic.

Alliance will learn flying from the NPC Ilsa Blusterbrew at Wildhammer Stronghold. Right by her, players can purchase their mounts from Brunn Flamebeard.

Horde players train flying from Olrokk in Shadowmoon Village and they can buy mounts from Dama Wildmane in the same area.

How to fly as a druid

The shapeshifting ability of druids puts them in a unique position as far as flying in TBC is concerned.

While other players have to wait until level 70 to fly, druids can unlock 60-percent speed flight at level 68 for just eight gold and 10 silver. This ability can be purchased from a druid trainer and is called “Flight Form.”

The only prerequisite to getting Flight Form is having Journeyman Riding. You don’t need to have Expert Riding to use Flight Form.

Though it was not available prior to Phase Two, druids also now possess the ability to obtain “Swift Flight Form” as well. The form is locked behind a long quest chain that starts with Loganaar, a druid trainer. The initial quest is called “Morthis Whisperwing.”

The end of the chain will have you summon and kill Anzu, a summonable boss in Sethekk Halls. Once completed, you’ll get Swift Flight Form as well as a Charm of Swift Flight, which gives you 10 percent increased speed when in your flight forms.

To complete the Swift Flight Form quests, players will need to have Artisan Riding. This means that players choosing to go through this will only be saving gold on the 200-gold mount cost associated with epic flying. But the other perks of Swift Flight Form could make it worthwhile to obtain.