How to fix error BLZ51903006 in World of Warcraft

Getting disconnected is always frustrating.

Screengrab via Blizzard Entertainment

World of Warcraft is not immune to errors, and for many WoW players, disconnects are common. Whether they happen on the day of an expansion’s launch or smack-dab in the middle of your raid night, there’s nothing more inconvenient than being disconnected from the game and having to decipher one of WoW’s many error codes. 

Error BLZ51903006, which causes players to disconnect from the game and be stuck at the Retrieving Realm List screen in the loading process, occurs in World of Warcraft under two separate conditions:

  • Your PC does not meet the system requirements needed to play WoW.
  • Your connection is unstable.

With this in mind, error BLZ51903006 is almost always going to be user-ended, meaning it’s on you to solve whatever issue is preventing you from playing WoW, not Blizzard. So, if you were hoping that you’d maybe be able to wait things out and hope for an eventual fix by the WoW devs, you’re out of luck—this one’s on you.

Luckily, error BLZ51903006 is a simple-enough error code to fix. Here are a few solutions that could solve the error. 

How to resolve WoW error code BLZ51903006

An in-game screenshot of Northshire Abbey in World of Warcraft. The road to the Abbey is pictured in the forgeround while the white and red chapel can be seen directly in the center of the image, flanked by trees on all sides.
All humans start in Elwynn Forest in World of Warcraft. Screengrab via Blizzard Entertainment

When faced with error BLZ51903006, be sure to reset your internet and make sure your connection is stable enough to run the game. If you’re using a wireless connection, we recommend switching to an Ethernet cable for the best experience while playing WoW. Regardless of whether your internet connection is wired or wireless, though, the first step toward solving this error will be restarting your router.

If you determine that your internet is unaffected and there are no connectivity issues, you can then begin to diagnose any hardware or software problems that your computer might be causing. 

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Check Blizzard’s support page for the system requirements needed for World of Warcraft. If your PC is out of date, you have very few choices ahead of you. But if you do meet the PC requirements and are still encountering error BLZ51903006, you should make an effort to update all of your drivers, as well as your operating system. 

Should you still encounter an issue after these steps, restart your PC in a last-ditch effort or simply wait until a later date to try again. 


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