Complexity Limit gets Sylvanas to 45.4 percent, but fails to down boss before reset

Echo is currently trying to take down her to get the World First while Complexity Limit is resting.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The battle for the World of Warcraft Sanctum of Domination Race to World First is fierce, and two guilds are currently trying to get the first kill on Sylvanas, the last boss of the raid.

Complexity Limit from US and Echo from EU are battling hard to reach the 45 percent checkpoint, which is rumored to be the end of the boss fight. Today Complexity Limit was able to get the boss down to 45.4 percent but wiped in the end after a small misstep.

Following a couple more attempts to try to burst down Sylvanas, Limit failed to get the kill in the end. The GM Maximum said that they tried everything, but it wasn’t enough, in the end, to get the kill before the reset. The guild lacked a couple of item levels to pass some DPS checks with their first-week gear. It’s certain that the guild will be able to take down the boss after a while, but it no longer matters since Echo managed to take it down recently, securing the World First over their US rivals.

Echo looked much better in their pulls today compared to yesterday, which allowed them to secure the World First during the Sanctum of Domination raid. Limit will most likely pick up World Second tomorrow once they wake up after the reset since they had a lot of sub 50 percent pulls, and the damage they lacked will be compensated through better gear.