Blizzard updates latest hotfix after PvP community backslash regarding Hunters and Mages

This should keep them in line with other classes.

Screengrab via Activision Blizzard

A couple of days after the World of Warcaft PvP community backslash regarding the latest buffs to Hunters and Mages, Blizzard backtracked on the changes and decided to hotfix them to PvE only.

These classes were already performing exceptionally well in the PvP scenario with multiple compositions to choose from to play in either two vs. two, three vs. three, or rated battlegrounds. While the PvP community understood that these classes needed some help in PvE, they didn’t want it to adversely affect PvP, where these classes are already dominating the ladder a couple of weeks into the new PvP season.

In the end, Hunters won’t be getting the additional Kill Command damage of 15 percent in PvP, while Mages won’t get the 15 percent additional damage on Fire Blast and the additional five percent damage on Pyroblast. This hotfix should keep these two already strong classes in line with other powerful classes and not give them a free pass to become one of the most overpowered specs in PvP.

Mages, in particular, were very popular last season. Most of the top ladder in both brackets were dominated by them since they had a lot of viable compositions. Their damage combined with the ability to spam Polymorph to stop any kill attempts or set up kill attempts instead was unrivaled. With other specs slowly catching up to their power with better gear, buffing them up would show clear favoritism towards this class, which has been always present in PvP during every expansion.