Best leveling strategy for WoW Burning Crusade Classic

It's not all about speed.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic launches on June 1, giving players a chance to explore new zones and level to a new cap of 70.

While it may be tempting to grind as much experience as quickly as possible, you might want to prepare a strategy before stepping through the Dark Portal to make the most of your leveling experience. Aside from going from level 60 to 70, players will need to earn reputation with various factions that play a key role in their character’s end-game progression.

With TBC, Blizzard introduced a new dungeon difficulty called Heroic that gives players better gear than typical dungeons and also provides important materials and currencies. In order to gain access to the Heroic difficulty for dungeons, there will be various factions that you need to have a certain amount of reputation with, so that you can acquire a key that unlocks the difficulty.

Additionally, you will likely want to spend some time during your last few levels working on getting attuned to Karazhan, a 10-man end-game raid. The attunement chain will take a while to get done, so doing it during the leveling process won’t hurt.

In order to get into all of TBC’s heroic dungeons, you will need to have a revered reputation with Thrallmar (Horde)/Honor Hold (Alliance), Lower City, Cenarion Expedition, The Sha’tar, and Keepers of Time.

Based on the congestion of players during the launch of WoW Classic, it’s highly likely that it will be difficult to level in the open world during TBC’s launch. For that reason, spamming dungeon instances will be your fastest route to the reputation you want and level 70.

Luckily for us, content creators like Biosparks and Fakeqt have been testing the game’s beta, already figuring out an easy path to level as fast as possible. By hopping from dungeon to dungeon, you’ll be able to gain reputation with specific factions, avoid crowded leveling areas, and hit level 70 in less than 30 hours of play time.

Here is a chronological list of all the dungeons you will want to run, and how many times you will want to run them to maximize your reputation gains for WoW: Burning Crusade Classic.

DungeonRuns RequiredFaction (Reputation Gain)Level Range
Blood Furnace12Thrallmar/Honor Hold (Honored)60-61
Slave Pens10Cenarion Expedition (Honored)61-63
Mana Tombs9Consortium (Honored)63-66
Sethekk Halls8Lower City (Honored)66-68
Old Hillsbrad Foothills1Keepers of Time68
Black Morass18Keepers of Time (Revered)68-70
Shadow Labyrinth6Lower City (Revered)68-70
Steamvault7Cenarion Expedition (Revered)68-70
Shattered Halls8Thrallmar/Honor Hold (Revered)69-70

Around level 68, you will want to take a step away from dungeons for a moment to begin your Karazhan attunement quest line. Don’t worry, the chain will get you right back into the dungeon grind shortly.

After doing some objectives, you’ll be given a quest to get a key fragment from the Shadow Labyrinth, and you’ll be able to finish where you left off grinding dungeons. This time, you’ll be accomplishing two tasks at once by gaining reputation and getting your attunement done at the same time.

Once you hit level 70, you will want to get your flying mount immediately. This will help you get to the Arcatraz where you will be able to do max-level dungeons, finish your Karazhan attunement chain, and get necessary Sha’tar reputation.

Once you finish your attunement, you’ll be able to run The Botanica to maximize your Sha’tar reputation and get the final key you need in order to access every dungeon’s heroic difficulty.