Arena World Championship 2021 Grand Finals scores and results

All elimination games take place on Sunday.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The Arena World Championship 2021 Grand Finals are taking place this weekend with four teams from Europe and four from North America fighting for their shares of $300,000.

The event is split between two double-elimination brackets, one for EU competition and one for NA. With quarterfinal and semifinal matches taking place on Saturday, all elimination games and championships will happen Sunday.

Both tournaments can be watched in their entirety on the official Warcraft YouTube channel with matches starting at 12pm CT each day this weekend.

The European bracket will be played first each day, and the North American games will follow immediately afterward on the same broadcast.

All matches are best-of-five except for the finals in each bracket which will be a best-of-seven.

The four European teams playing are Skill Capped, Reload Esports, Horizon, and Method EU. The four North American teams playing are Method NA, Golden Guardians, Cloud9, and Unitas Blue.

Results for the event will be posted on this page as they happen. This piece will be updated throughout the weekend with each region’s tournament bracket.

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