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Home grown – Strands NYT hints and answers (May 22)

Solving today's Strands may be a matter of looking around you.

Today’s NYT Strands puzzle “home grown” has a clear and literal theme. All solution words and the Spangram are about something you can grow at home. If you’re thinking about plants and gardening, you’re on the right track.

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How to play NYT Strands and find the Spangram

I already spoiled that today’s NYT Strands is about plants, so this should be enough to get you closer to the Spangram. If you cross that with the “home grown” theme, you start getting closer to the answer words. Here are extra hints:

  1. Plants that are easy to grow at home are usually small.
  2. Many of these plants are used to add flavor to food you’re cooking.
  3. Think about the name of the place where you grow plants.

Following these will lead you to today’s Spangram, HERBGARDEN. It starts from the “H” near the bottom of the left column and stretches to the “N” near the top of the right column. To find the answer words, think about the kind of herbs you’d use to season your dishes, like oregano and dill—though those aren’t part of the solution today.

Full list of words in Home Grown Strands (May 22):

  • HERBGARDEN (Spangram)
  • SAGE
The May 22 Strands solution showing HERBGARDEN in yellow as the Spangram.
The May 22 words in their right placements. Screenshot by Dot Esports

You can play a new Strands puzzle at midnight in your time zone.

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