Where to find extra Thumper parts in Kahl’s Junk Run mission in Warframe

Enjoy your 15 Stock.

Image via Digital Extremes

Warframe has been teasing the showdown between Kahl-175 and a Tusk Thumper since the announcement of Veilbreaker at Tennocon 2022, and players can finally fight off a Thumper as Kahl (with a little help from his Grineer brothers). But you won’t just destroy Thumpers in his Junk Run mission: you’ll also help Chipper rebuild one.

One of the mission’s bonus objectives is scavenging a damaged Thumper for Chipper, who will pay you 15 Stock for your trouble. Players can exchange Stock for several items unique to Chipper, and finding the extra Thumper parts for the merchant might just be the easiest Stock you’ll make in Junk Run. Here’s the location of the extra Thumper parts you can take to Chipper.

Where to find extra Thumper parts in Kahl’s Junk Run mission in Warframe

The Thumper parts will appear on your radar as soon as you pick up the Hellion pack (the Grineer equivalent of a jetpack). After you get within range, the game should mark your HUD with a green icon. If it doesn’t, however, just take the path on the right (hidden within a tree) to find a room that leads into a submerged area.

Once you’re in the area, interact with the console in front of the submerged room to get a peek at the Thumper that’s hidden within. This is where you can obtain the extra Thumper parts, but Kahl isn’t too fond of swimming. This means you’ll have to find a way to drain the room. But, luckily for players, it’s not a hard task if they know what to look for.

Just like in the first mission, players have to match specific symbols to open. The game presents you with two symbols, both on the bottom of the room. You should match the top left symbol to the one on the bottom left, and the top right one to the one on the bottom right. Once both are the same, look for the mechanism that will drain the water pumps, allowing you to waltz in and pick up the extra Thumper parts for Chipper.

After you’re done, you can finish the mission normally, and you’ll get 15 Stock for the Tusk Thumper parts you’ve picked up, as well as reputation with Kahl’s Garrison if it’s your first clear. Finding the Thumper Parts is a fairly simple process since the game marks it on your HUD, but if you’re looking for max Stock, you’ll also have to know where to find five Genestamps and how to rescue Ostron Prisoners.