How to get the Afentis, Styanax’s Speargun, in Warframe

It's a perfect choice to use alongside Styanax.

Image via Digital Extremes

Warframe is bringing the 50th Warframe to the mix. Styanax, the heroic warrior, joins the fray alongside the Veilbreaker update. And like other Warframes, he is bringing his own signature weapon to the mix. We’re not talking about Axios and Tharros, his spear and shield. Styanax launched alongside the unique Afentis speargun, available as a signature weapon from him.

The Afentis comes with a base 20 percent Status Chance and 30 percent Critical with a Critical Multiplier of three—and that’s before adding in your mods of choice to it. This could make it well suited for status, critical, or even hybrid builds. Though those values can be enticing enough, they are far from being the Afentis’ main allure.

Much like his first ability, Axios Javelin, Styanax’s speargun will pin an enemy when you throw the Afentis at them and will also stun nearby enemies. Throwing the Afentis onto the ground, however, gives nearby allies the Ballistarii Might buff, which boosts their reload speed, fire rate, ammo pool while reducing recoil. Any ally that kills an enemy while inside the Afentis’ radius will maintain the buff briefly after moving away from the speargun.

Unsurprisingly, the Afentis synergizes perfectly with Styanax’s playstyle. The heroic Warframe has ways to buff his allies through his second and third abilities, Tharros Strike and Rally Point, which makes the 50th Warframe a fitting wielder for the Afentis. Here’s how you can score this weapon for yourself.

How to get the Afentis speargun in Warframe‘s Veilbreaker update

The wording on the Veilbreaker official page hinted that the Afentis would be available exclusively for Platinum. “You can add Styanax’s signature Speargun, the Afentis, to your Arsenal by purchasing it for Platinum in the in-game Market,” it reads. With the arrival of the Kahl’s Garrison Syndicate, however, players can purchase the Afentis Blueprint from Chipper in Kahl’s Garrison for 60 Stock, provided they have the rank of Home with the Syndicate.

Crafting the Afentis requires:

  • 20,000 Credits
  • 8,000 Ferrite
  • 3,500 Rubedo
  • 1,200 Cryotic
  • Two Argon Crystal
Screengrab via Digital Extremes

Most of those resources are fairly easy to find, with Argon Crystal being the most elusive of the bunch. Players who want to craft the Afentis should focus on completing missions with Kahl’s Garrison, where they play as Kahl-175.

The Afentis is also available from the Veilbreaker Supporter Pack, sold through Digital Extremes’ website. In addition to the Afentis, the Veilbreaker Supporter pack comes with 350 Platinum, the Slaytra melee weapon, the Ascension speargun skin, the Aegrit secondary weapon, and the Fog of War Ephemera. As a bonus, players will get a Sigil, a Glyph, and a Noggle styled after Kahl-175, as well as seven-day Affinity and Credit boosters.