All Archon Hunt rewards in Warframe

This unique activity features some helpful rewards.

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The Veilbreaker update for Warframe is finally live for players around the world. In this massive update, you’ll be able to participate in various new missions including the brand new Archon Hunt. This activity will see you and up to three additional players face off against veiled opponents in three missions of increasing difficulty.

Keep in mind, for every additional player in your squad the difficulty of Archon Hunt missions increase, raising the health and shields of enemies by 50 percent per ally. The activity places some restrictions on you and your squad you’ll have to play around.

Archon Hunt difficulty modifiers

  • Restricted Respawns:
    • No Self Revive: Can only be revived by other Tenno (or Companions).
    • Last Gasp Penalty: Activating the Last Gasp Focus ability reduces the timer by 2 seconds.
    • Bleedout Shortens: Bleedout duration is reduced after each time bleedout is entered, to a minimum of 5 seconds. 
  • Restricted Consumables 
    • No Summons: Summons are disabled for the entire duration of the mission. This includes Specters, Necracmech, etc.
    • Cooldown Increase: Each type of Restore has a 3-minute cooldown timer applied. This cooldown affects all sizes of the restore type.

If you’re curious about the rewards you can get your hands on through the brand new Archon Hunt missions, here’s everything you need to know.

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All Archon Hunt rewards in Warframe

Completing all three Archon Hunt missions in Warframe will reward you with an Archon Shard, which can be equipped to gain unique benefits. Also, Archon Shards have a 20% chance of being Tauforged when earned.

In addition to Archon Shards, each successful Archon Hunt you’ve completed will net you a random prize from the reward pool, which can be found below.

  • Common: 
    • Ayatan Anasa Sculpture 
    • Riven Mod 
  • Uncommon: 
    • 3 Day Booster
    • 8000 Endo
    • 12,000 Kuva
  • Rare:
    • Exilus Warframe Adapter 
    • 3 Forma
    • Orokin Catalyst Blueprint 
    • Orokin Reactor Blueprint 
  • Legendary:
    • Legendary Core 

The rewards for Archon Hunt can only be acquired once per week but the new Warframe Veilbreaker activity can be completed as many times as you’d like.