Yoru disabled in VALORANT while Riot works on an ‘issue,’ Breeze unavailable in ranked

Yoru's Gatecrash may be the culprit.

Image via Riot Games

Today’s a sad day for Yoru mains.

Riot has disabled Yoru in VALORANT, according to a status notification found in the game client. While the only information the message offers is that Riot is working on “an issue,” it’s likely due to the agent’s exploitable Gatecrash.

Screengrab via Riot Games

A game-breaking Yoru exploit first made its rounds last week, letting players teleport into Breeze’s Pyramids with Gatecrash. Once inside the pyramids, players could plant the Spike and shoot opponents who were none the wiser. A similar bug seemingly appeared on Bind, where players discovered they could send Gatecrash’s tether into the Teleporter and reactivate it inside. There’s likely some sort of collision detection issue that doesn’t stop the tether from sneaking through.

Breeze has also been disabled from Competitive queue due to a “bug.” It wouldn’t make sense for Riot to disable Yoru and Breeze for the same glitch, so there might be an additional issue with the tropical map.

Riot hasn’t offered a specific timeline on when Yoru and Breeze will be re-enabled, nor have the devs offered an exact reason for their unavailability.

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