Yoru can open Bind’s Hookah Teleporter from the outside using Fakeout in VALORANT

Uh oh.

Image via Riot Games

Yoru is certainly great at getting his foot in the door.

One VALORANT player discovered how to open up Bind’s Hookah Teleporter with Yoru, showcasing the seemingly unintended interaction in a video yesterday. Dot Esports tested this out in a custom match, finding that the teleporter doors will stay open as long as you don’t reactivate the duelist’s footsteps.

To reproduce this, players need to place Yoru’s Fakeout in the crevice between the door and the outer frame. The doors will automatically open, letting you move in and out freely. And simply placing the footsteps down without activating them will keep the doors open indefinitely.

Yoru players can use this interaction to expose any enemies hiding in the teleporter, letting your teammates mow them down when they least suspect it. And being able to keep the doors open will give your squad a clear view of the teleporter when you hear an opponent take it.

This strategy doesn’t work on the teleporter near A site’s Showers, though, because it doesn’t have the same frame.

Lead character designer Jay Watford discussed agent abilities earlier this week, explaining that devs try to “determine if newly discovered interactions are enriching or breaking the tactical game.” Yoru’s Fakeout likely falls in the latter and it stands to reason that Riot will patch it out in the future.

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