XQc double hops with Raze’s Blast Packs to pick off the last enemy in VALORANT

"That's crazy."

XQC Fortnite
Photo via Blizzard Entertainment

XQc’s pro days definitely aren’t behind him.

The former Overwatch pro pulled off a spectacular VALORANT move during his Twitch broadcast today, using Raze to absolutely outplay his opponent. Not only did it end the round, but it thoroughly impressed xQc’s teammates and viewers alike.

Raze is an explosive enthusiast with an entire kit focused on booms and blasts. The agent’s Blast Pack (Q) sticks to surfaces and detonates when the ability is reused, damaging and moving anything hit—including yourself.

The Twitch star threw the explosive on the ground and shot himself upward, repeating the action a second time with another Blast Pack. This propelled him around a corner with a perfect sightline on an unsuspecting victim. The former Overwatch pro landed and quickly took out the enemy agent hiding in the corner.

“Holy shit,” xQc said amid the yells of his teammates. “That’s crazy.”

Riot’s first venture in the shooter genre has garnered rave reviews from content creators and pros. VALORANT has over 1.5 million viewers on Twitch in its debut, trumping League of Legends and Fortnite by a landslide.

XQc fans can watch more high-level gameplay by tuning into his Twitch channel.