When is VCT Masters Copenhagen?

Teams are ready to compete and represent their region in Masters Copenhagen.

Photo via Riot Games

The second Masters tournament of 2022 is set to begin soon and VALORANT teams are starting to arrive in Copenhagen to get some last-minute practice in before they hit the stage. The eight teams are set and Masters Copenhagen is ready to begin.

The hype and anticipation for the tournament have already begun with Riot posting a video to get people amped up for it, and the action is set to kick off on Sunday, July 10. The first match will begin that day at 8am CT between NORTHEPTION and DRX, and that match will kick off the group stage for VCT Masters Copenhagen.

The official VCT schedule on Riot’s website has the first few rounds of teams set to face off in the group stage. The tournament runs until July 23 and will likely have a day or two break in between the group stage and playoffs.

The teams that earned the first seed during regional events will move straight to the playoffs. Those four teams—XSET, Fnatic, PaperRex, and Leviatán—will all skip the group stage and compete in the playoffs directly.

Eight teams—Guild Esports, FunPlus Phoenix, LOUD, OpTic Gaming, XERXIA Esports, DRX, NORTHEPTION, and KRÜ Esports—will all have to fight their way through the group stage to qualify for the playoffs. Four teams from the group stage will move on to the playoff bracket.

Right now, the Masters Copenhagen schedule only goes up to July 13, which will mark the end of the group stage and fans will know what eight teams will be competing in the playoffs by that day. The games will then continue with the playoffs, where teams will fight for a spot in the grand final and, eventually, the tournament title.