When does VALORANT Episode 2, Act 3 begin?

A new map, a new pass, and plenty more is coming in the next VALORANT act.

Image via Riot Games

The next act of the current VALORANT episode is fast approaching, with new content, updates, and evidently a new map set to be introduced. The third act appears set to start on April 27, following the conclusion of Act II.

Act II saw a plethora of new changes, highlighted by the new agent Astra. The galaxy brain agent from Ghana uses her astral projection to place stars across the map, which she can activate as a concussive charge, a smoke, or a gravity well. Act II also introduced Patch 2.06, which dramatically buffed Yoru and Viper, nerfed the Bucky shotgun, and introduced the Escalation game mode.

Let’s take a brief look at what’s supposedly coming in Act III on April 27.


Pack your towels and your sunblock and prepare for a beach-side adventure on VALORANT’s rumored new map, Breeze. Breeze has been teased by the VALORANT team for nearly a month now, going as far back as including an island-themed backdrop in an April Fools’ Day post.

Image via Riot Games

The VALORANT team released some official in-game shots of the new map as a teaser post on April 21, giving players a first look at some of the new spots. These teasers include a Cobblestone-esque mossy stone archway and some docks that look out toward a yacht.

If Breeze is officially confirmed, it’d be the sixth map in VALORANT’s map pool.

Patch 2.08

Like always, with a new episode comes a new patch. And a new patch will bring bug fixes, quality-of-life improvements, and potentially some notable changes to the competitive balance.

Not much has officially been announced as part of the next patch, 2.08, except for one thing that should please the esports community: coaching slots. VALORANT coaches have been pining for coaching slots in servers so they can better observe their players. Esports strategy expert Riley Yurk confirmed the slots were coming in an official blog post and said the team is committed to providing more coaching tools in the future.

If any other rumblings about changes coming in 2.08 emerge before the release date, you can find them here.

New battle pass

A new wave of cosmetics are sure to be coming with the release of Act III. Weapon skins, charms, banners, titles, and sprays will all be available to unlock on day one.

Players who aren’t willing to spend any money at all can still earn a handful of free rewards by competing each chapter. A $10 purchase of VALORANT Points will unlock the battle pass. Players with lots of money to spend can purchase all the rewards up front, but this costs roughly over $150.

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