When does VALORANT’s closed beta end?

It's not over yet.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT’s closed beta kicked off on Tuesday, April 7 and it’s been at full steam ever since. 

The anticipation around Riot’s character-based five-vs-five tactical shooter has been unprecedented, bringing in millions of viewers on Twitch and breaking records while doing it. 

The game is available for a select number of players in the U.S., Brazil, Canada, Russia, Turkey, Europe, and Korea. But when will the closed beta end?

VALORANT’s closed beta was originally intended to be short and sweet. And despite the COVID-19 pandemic and delays with server development, it has been.

Riot revealed on May 21 that VALORANT will launch on June 2, 2020 with a new game mode, map, and agent.

The closed beta was used to test the waters and make sure the servers are up to scratch. There have been a few hiccups so far with Riot temporarily pausing beta access, but it’s mostly been smooth sailing. 

VALORANT’s closed beta will come to a close on May 28, at 11am CT. All progression, including player rank, matchmaking rating, characters, and skins, will be reset.

To get access to the closed beta, simply create a Riot account, link it to your Twitch account, and watch select VALORANT streams.