When does Neon come out in VALORANT?

Find out when VALORANT's 18th agent goes live.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT players have only just grown accustomed to Chamber, the game’s 17th agent. Nevertheless, it hasn’t stopped Riot Games from adding yet another agent to the ever-growing list of VALORANT characters.

Riot announced the arrival of Neon on Jan. 6, the upcoming agent who will soon make her to the live servers. Much was speculated about the character before her agent teaser trailer dropped last week.

In the trailer, fans got to know Neon’s origin, her abilities, and more. VALORANT’s 18th agent comes from Manila, Philippines, and her skills are based on speed and electricity, which are attributes that inspired her creation.

“Everything on her kit had two words we kept going back to on the design side to keep it cohesive. These were ‘fast’ and ‘frenetic,” VALORANT game designer Ryan “rycou” Cousart explained in a press release.

With so much information being unveiled about Neon in the last week, players have been left waiting and wondering when the agent will hit the live servers. Well, luckily for them, they won’t have to wait for long.

Neon is set to make her debut in VALORANT in Episode Four, Act One, which is scheduled to release on Wednesday, Jan. 12 in North America.