When does Fade hit VALORANT’s live servers?

You'll hunt down your enemies' secrets soon.

Image via Riot Games

Get ready to stalk the shadows and use the fear of your enemies with VALORANT‘s newest agent, Fade. Riot Games has finally revealed the new Turkish initiator, and fans are chomping at the bit to try her out in their games.

With a kit filled to the brim with vision and crowd control, Fade should be a priority pick for many players in both solo queue and competitive play. The new agent should be dropping on VALORANT‘s live servers when Episode Four, Act Three begins on Tuesday, April 26.

Set as a competitor for Sova in terms of intel acquisition, Fade is a lot more up-close and personal with the recon tools she brings to a team’s composition. Whether she is helping her team scout out a possible site to take or defending against oncoming attackers, she has plenty at her disposal to gather intel and reveal her enemies.

Her Prowler companion can sniff out opponents, pounce on them, and apply nearsight. The Seize ability can tether an enemy to a specific area, while her Haunt ability can reveal the location of enemies caught in its line of sight. Overall, she will be a real nightmare to deal with when trying to stay hidden from an opponent’s sights.

Only a few days remain until players become attuned to fear itself on the battlefield.

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