What are Account Points? VALORANT’s leveling system explained

The new progression points system explained.

Image via Riot Games

With the launch of VALORANT Episode Three on June 22, Riot Games added a new progression feature aimed at rewarding the game’s most dedicated players. VALORANT players can now upgrade their account level across any game mode and will even retroactively earn experience for time already spent playing.

To level up an account, players must earn Account Points.

What are Account Points?

Account Points are the pool of experience points earned from playing any type of game mode in VALORANT. Players can also earn a bonus supply of Account Points every day after their first win. This can be accomplished in competitive, unranked, Spike Rush, or even the rotational game mode (currently Snowball Fight).

The amount of Account Points earned per match depends on the result and duration of the match, so a hard-fought win in competitive or unranked will earn far more points than a quick loss in Spike Rush. Players level up their account every 5,000 Account Points earned.

Image via Riot Games

Players get a new player card border every 20 levels. Senior designer Jon “Evrmoar” Walker said the team is looking into “more ways” to improve the VALORANT progression system. Players should be aware that they may not have all the retroactive AP right away, but be patient.

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