Vision Strikers remain undefeated en route to VCT Korean Masters One championship

The streak continues.

Image via Vision Strikers

The kings of Korean VALORANT remain unbeaten after a 3-2 series victory against NUTURN in the grand finals of VCT Korean Masters One today. With their win, they secured $40,000 and 100 VCT points, as well as their spot as the unquestionable best VALORANT team in Korea.

Their winning streak hasn’t lasted just through the first phase of VCT or through 2021. Vision Strikers have not been beaten in a series since the roster came together in June 2020. They have won 76 out of 80 matches and tied four of them. Two of those ties came during Challengers, against ZFGaming and their eventual Masters finals opponents, NUTURN.

The overall series score may have been close, but the scores of each map indicate that NUTURN were barely hanging on against the dominant Vision Strikers.

NUTURN narrowly claimed map one, their pick of Bind, by a 13-11 scoreline. But Vision Strikers reversed the momentum with two straight dominant showings on Icebox and NUTURN’s pick of Haven. NUTURN’s most impressive showing came in an overtime victory on Split, a pick by Vision Strikers that they were 27-0 on before today. This led to a pivotal map five on Ascent, but Vision Strikers dominated the final map 13-3 to win Masters One and maintain their streak.

Vision Strikers have now claimed victory at both Masters One and First Strike, and have yet to drop a single series in over nine months. The entire team consists of former Counter-Strike players, most of which played for Korea’s most prominent team, MVP PK. CS never took off in Korea after a Valve decision to charge PC bang cafes $15 a month per computer to play their games.

With a smaller pool of players in Korea with Counter-Strike experience, the Vision Strikers players who competed at the highest level are thriving in VALORANT right now.

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