VALORANT’s Tower of Power gun buddy is now available via Prime Gaming

The power can be yours.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT players can use their Amazon Prime subscription to get their hands on the latest gun buddy from Riot, the Tower of Power.

The Tower of Power is the latest monthly VALORANT item available from the Prime Gaming Loot system, which rewards players who link their Amazon Prime account to their Riot/VALORANT account. The Tower of Power gun buddy is a miniature gaming PC with internal lighting featuring the purple color that Riot has recently used for some of its VALORANT Champions Tour branding.

Image via Amazon/Riot Games

The VALORANT page on the Prime Gaming Loot website shows all of the in-game cosmetics that were previously made available, which include other gun buddies, sprays, and player cards. It also shows that more items are going to be made available in the next few months.

To claim the Tower of Power gun buddy from this page, click Claim Now and it will ask you to sign in to your Amazon Prime or Prime Gaming account. If this account isn’t already connected, it will open a window to Riot’s website and ask you to sign into your VALORANT account to connect the two. Once you’re signed in and connected, head back to the loot page and complete the confirmation. When you sign back into VALORANT, the Tower of Power gun buddy should be there for you to equip.

As evidenced by the items no longer available on the loot page, you don’t want to wait too long to claim the Tower of Power for yourself.

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