VALORANT’s Night.Market is live

Here's your chance for cheap skins.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT players can once again enjoy discounted skins in their Night.Market, which will be available until Aug. 10. 

The Night.Market is an excellent feature that provides five random weapon skins at a discounted price. These skins can include any available skins in the store’s rotation but are much cheaper than their normal price. 

The Night.Market is not always available and is only around for a limited time. If there is a skin you’ve considered buying in the past in your market, it’s almost always a good idea to purchase it at a reduced cost. But sometimes, the skins in your market are not the most intriguing choices, so don’t feel pressured to purchase mediocre skins because they are slightly cheaper. 

Players should only receive one skin per weapon in the Night.Market, because in previous iterations, some disappointed fans received multiple skins for the same gun. Lucky players will receive melee skins in their market, meaning they can purchase the coveted art pieces at a lower price. 

Unfortunately, you cannot reroll your Night.Market, which means you are stuck with skins in your store for the time being. The Night.Market returns periodically, so there should be another chance to purchase cheap skins. 

VALORANT players can purchase item’s from their Night Market until Aug. 10 at 7 pm CT. Don’t wait too long to purchase your cheaper skins as you might miss the opportunity. 

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