VALORANT’s Killjoy teases Arcane in short clip

VALORANT agents enjoy League when they aren't in battle.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT agent Killjoy is apparently a League of Legends fan and is excited about the upcoming Arcane show, according to a short clip. 

Earlier this week, Riot Games revealed the RiotX Arcane event taking place across multiple titles like League, VALORANT, and Legends of Runeterra, celebrating the upcoming release of the League-based Netflix show Arcane. Fans can enjoy lots of new content in every Riot title and crossover content from each game. 

It turns out multiple VALORANT agents are League fans, including Killjoy, who hacked the official VALORANT Twitter account to give fans a short message today. She explained how excited she is for Arcane and confirmed that she’s a “League fanatic.” She also plans to create a cosplay for one of her bots and promised to post more updates later. 

Fans also noticed several names on her League friends list, including other agents like Breach, Brimstone, Jett, Raze, and Sova. It turns out the agents enjoy playing League in their off time when they’re not fighting mirror versions of themselves from another universe. 

VALORANT players will see several in-game Arcane items throughout November. They can grind the Arcane Pass to unlock free rewards or purchase the Arcane Collector Set for premium items. The RiotX Arcane narrative companion will also feature rewards for players who complete in-game missions. 

Fans will likely see more updates from Killjoy throughout the month, including her poor bot in a cosplay. Arcane will drop on Netflix on Nov. 6.

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