RiotX Arcane event introduces VALORANT Arcane pass, collectible items, collector set, and new Prime Gaming reward

The VALORANT world is crossing paths with League of Legends again.

Image via Riot Games

Arcane fans can look forward to a new VALORANT RiotX Arcane Pass, in-game collectible items, and an Arcane Collector’s Set to celebrate the launch of the new Netflix series. 

Arcane, the new League of Legends-themed show, is coming to Netflix on Nov. 6. While this is already exciting for League of Legends fans, there’s a lot more content coming to multiple Riot games throughout November. 

Riot has announced the RiotX Arcane event, a month-long experience celebrating the launch of Arcane, the company’s first League animated series. The event features exciting rewards in multiple Riot titles, including VALORANT, League, and Legends of Runeterra.  Each Riot game will receive special in-game Arcane-themed products to celebrate the show’s release—and VALORANT fans can expect a lot of exciting new content. 

VALORANT players will receive a free RiotX Arcane Pass and free in-game collectible items, allowing them to enjoy Arcane-themed cosmetics in the intense FPS. An in-game Arcane Collector’s Set will also be available, introducing premium Arcane skins. Players with an Amazon Prime subscription can even unlock the new Fishbones gun buddy by tuning into the RiotX Arcane Global Premiere on Nov. 6.

Players who enjoy multiple Riot titles should log in to each game to unlock and experience all of the free Arcane content. League players can enjoy free champion skins, while LoR players will be able to try out a new permanent game mode, Path of Champions. Fans of the show can also enjoy the World of RiotX Arcane, a “digital event companion” featuring a “narrative adventure.” Players can solve missions to unlock more in-game rewards. 

VALORANT fans should make sure to enjoy the new Arcane content as a nice bonus before Episode Three, Act Three is released.

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