VALORANT’s Give Back Bundle results are in: Reaver Sheriff and Vandal, Ion Op, and VALORANT GO! Spectre are making a comeback

The skins hit the store on June 22.

Image via Riot Games

The votes have been counted and the polls are closed—we have our winners.

Riot unveiled the four weapon skins that will be in the Give Back Bundle, allowing fans to decide which cosmetics make a return. The Reaver Sheriff, Ion Operator, VALORANT GO! Vol. 1 Spectre, and Reaver Vandal will be available in one neatly-wrapped collection between June 22 and July 8, according to today’s announcement. And a portion of the proceeds will go toward Riot’s Social Impact Fund.

The vast majority of the skins won with landslide victories. The Reaver Sheriff got almost 60 percent of the vote, while the Magepunk Ghost was the runner-up with only 24.1 percent. The VALORANT GO! Spectre’s 47.2 percent beat out the Sovereign Stinger’s 26.5, and the Reaver Vandal’s 35.2 percent bested the Prime 2.0 Phantom’s 21.5. The sniper matchup was the exception, however, with an incredibly close head-to-head where the Ion Operator beat the Reaver Operator by 0.1 percent.

Riot will give 50 percent of the weapon skin proceeds and 100 percent of the accessory proceeds to charity. It’s unclear which accessories will make a return, but Riot may throw in the gun buddies or player cards from the respective skins included in the bundle.

The Give Back Bundle is similar to January’s Run it Back Bundle, which brought back some of VALORANT‘s most popular skins for a limited time only. While the Run it Back Bundle wasn’t determined by a fan vote, players had more agency in determining which cosmetics return this time.

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