VALORANT’s Episode 3, Act 2 start date delayed 2 weeks due to ‘some constraints’

But players will get additional time and missions to complete the battle pass.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT players eager for the new act will have to be a bit patient.

Riot announced today that VALORANT‘s Episode Three, Act Two will be delayed for two weeks due to “some constraints.” Act One will be extended until Sept. 7, with Act Two kicking off “on or around Sept. 8.”

Though this may initially disappoint fans, it gives extra time for casual players to complete the Act One battle pass. Riot will deploy more missions in the interim, offering the usual two daily missions each day and two more sets of weekly missions. And competitive players can further grind the ranked ladder, potentially improving their Act One rank badge and achieving new heights.

The Valorant Leaks Twitter account addressed the two-week extension yesterday following the release of Patch 3.03. The in-game client’s battle pass timer was also updated yesterday to include the additional two weeks, but Riot had yet to confirm anything.

While Riot asserts that Act Two “is gonna be a banger,” not much other information on the new season has been provided. But several Easter eggs and teasers point to a potential new map that’s elevated in the sky and features a lot of flora.