VALORANT ‘WARM UP’ cinematic shows several agents in action against training bot

Give us all the lore.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games has released a new VALORANT cinematic titled “WARM UP” and it shows a few popular agents working together to bring down an advanced training bot in a training course. 

The new cinematic shows several agents practicing against bots in a training facility, where they all have perfect scores. But the team decides they need a more demanding challenge, so Raze and Killjoy turn a cleaning bot into a powerful training bot. Each agent struggles to defeat the bot in pairs and individually, and it eventually takes the entire team to defeat the robot. Sage and Brimstone eventually tell the team to get ready as they depart on their next mission. The video also ended with Cypher getting shot by the robot, fulfilling the latest version of the running joke where he dies in each cinematic.

Each VALORANT cinematic reveals a few more details about the game’s lore and background, and fans have already noticed a few subtle details in the latest video. VALORANT lore enthusiast Cynprel noticed agent 8’s locker is scratched out, adding to the mystery surrounding the unrevealed character. Cynprel also noticed a map of what appears to be Lisbon, Portugal, which is supposed to be the location of the next VALORANT map.

Fans even noticed the agents departed from a never-before-seen island, which appears to be their base of operations. It’s unclear if this location will make it into the game, but fans might see it in a future update.