VALORANT to celebrate Lunar New Year with leaked Celestial skin line for Frenzy, Judge, Ares, Phantom, and melee

They're pretty neat.

Image via Riot Games

The new VALORANT skins never seem to stop coming.

The latest skin line to be leaked is called Celestial and it’s for the Frenzy, Judge, Ares, and Phantom, along with a melee weapon that turns into a fan. It’ll cost 7,100 RP for the whole pack and 1,775 for each individual skin, according to a leak by a YouTube channel called Black Valorant en Español.

The Celestial line should be released alongside GO VOLUME 1, an anime-inspired skin line that features a kunai knife with Jett’s likeness on it. The line is sure to be a massive seller.

The Celestial skins are simple—black and gold with moving, swirling clouds and crashing waves. The melee weapon is a fan with the same art design along the sides when fully expanded.

There don’t appear to be color variants for the Celestial line at this time.

VALORANT is adding many skins to the game that will be or already are wildly popular with fans. The second run of the Glitchpop skin line is sure to be a massive seller, as will the anime-inspired and Celestial lines.

The skin design in VALORANT is top-notch and continues to push the boundaries of what can be done in terms of personalization of the tactical shooter experience. Other tactical shooters have excellent skins, like Rainbow Six Siege‘s Black Ice line or the AWP Hyper Beast skin in CS:GO. But they don’t have the same flair as VALORANT skins.

It’s unclear when the Celestial skin line will officially be revealed or join VALORANT.

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