VALORANT servers will be going down tomorrow morning for maintenance

Server downtime incoming.

Image via Riot Games

For some gamers, their first break from the addiction that is VALORANT will be coming in the early morning hours of April 14—and it’s not by choice.

Riot says it will be taking down the servers for two hours for maintenance, to patch some audio bugs and map exploits. Thankfully, the maintenance will be during the early morning hours.

The NA server queues will freeze at 6:30am CT and then go offline at 8am CT, and then hopefully be back up at 11am CT. For EU, Riot will wait until April 15 when queues will freeze in the early morning hours.

VALORANT has been a huge hit on Twitch. Most, if not all of the top streamers on the site have been playing the beta with drops enabled, including Summit1g, Lirik, DrLupo, Dr Disrespect, and more.

Hopefully the maintenance is only two hours like Riot says it will be, but it's important to note that this is indeed still a beta, and anything can happen.

VALORANT's beta might extend into the summer, which is the time period Riot has given for the game's full release as well.