VALORANT players reporting difficulty ranking up even after consecutive victories

The ranked grind is getting some players down.

Image via Riot Games

For VALORANT players frustrated with the ranked climb, you’re not alone.

One VALORANT player complained about the tactical shooter’s ranked system last night, showing a screengrab of their recent matches. Despite many consecutive wins, the Sova main was unable to increase their rank—and other players are echoing those sentiments.

The player’s match history shows seven victories and one loss in ranked, with many of the matches resulting in two up arrows. But the player has been hard stuck at Platinum One.

Other players shared similar stories, with one showing their match history that yielded the same results. While they won several matches handily, including three match MVPs, six wins and one loss wasn’t enough to rank up.

Some players offered potential explanations for the ranked system.

“Honestly, every promotion I’ve gotten bar one has been on a 13-4 or lower, and it barely mattered the previous games behind it, as long as I wasn’t stomped recently that is,” one player said. “As annoying as this’ll sound, I imagine if you get a game where you smash the other team with a good scoreline, you’ll rank up incredibly fast.”

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Riot previously said your individual performance and how much you win by are the biggest factors in how quickly you rank up. But some players claim to win by large margins and perform well, yet can’t improve their place in the ladder.

VALORANT players who want an explanation for their frustrations might have to wait a bit, however. Lead character designer Ryan “Morello” Scott was transparent with fans during his Twitch broadcast yesterday, explaining that “nobody owns the ranked system right now.” The Riot dev said the person working on the ranked system from a design standpoint has left the company, which means there isn’t anyone available to answer questions about it right now.

Riot claims to be working on a short-term solution to this problem, as well as a long-term fix.