VALORANT players report difficulty picking agents due to new pinned chat feature in Patch 1.09

The issue appears to only affect players using certain resolutions.

Image via Riot Games

Selecting an agent in VALORANT is no easy feat for some players.

VALORANT Patch 1.09 introduced a new feature that allows players to pin their chat window across menus. But fans playing on certain resolutions are complaining that the chat doesn’t let you pick agents furthest on the left.

Screengrab via Riot Games

Players using the pinned chat feature and 5:4 or 4:3 aspect ratios are blocked from selecting Breach and, in some cases, Brimstone and Cypher, too. With Breach’s latest buffs in Patch 1.07 making him a much more viable agent, being unable to select him can adversely affect matchmaking.

While selecting those agents is more difficult, it’s not impossible. Some players have discovered workarounds, such as setting your resolution to native before you queue and then changing it during the first round’s buy phase.

Players can also try turning off the pinned chat feature before jumping into a game. If this continues to be an issue, Riot will likely hotfix it in an upcoming patch.