VALORANT player’s Raze rocket gets blocked by a flying Skye tiger


Image via Riot Games

Skye’s Tasmanian tiger really knows how to take one for the team.

One VALORANT player showcased a tragic play earlier today where their Raze Showstopper was blocked by the opposing Skye’s tiger, essentially voiding an eight-point ultimate ability.

As soon as the round began, the Raze player used two Blast Packs to burst through Ascent’s B main and catch the enemies sleeping. Armed with a rocket launcher, the player shot it toward the opposing Jett and Phoenix. The stellar play was completely nullified, however, courtesy of a flying tiger.

Raze’s rocket is a projectile and can explode when it makes contact with anything, including certain agent abilities. Skye had cast her Trailblazer ability to scout out the B site, noticing the enemy Raze blast through the entrance. The Skye likely wanted to concuss the explosive duelist and made it leap through the air. Fortunately for the attackers, the tiger blocked the rocket and concussed Raze simultaneously.

The blast dealt 49 damage to Raze and only 51 to the enemy Jett, leaving the duelist vulnerable with only a Bucky for protection. Raze was then quickly disposed of by the enemy Jett’s Vandal.

“Skye’s dog decided to be a hero,” the Raze player wrote on the Reddit post.

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