VALORANT players express desire for a commend system

This system would help reward positive teammates.

Image via Riot Games

Some VALORANT fans would like to see the game get a commend system to help reward helpful or positive teammates while highlighting toxic players. 

Teamwork and communication are essential parts of VALORANT, especially in ranked matches. Good teammates can make or break a match and significantly impact the overall experience. Every player hopes they queue with a group of like-minded players who will work together and help the team succeed without being toxic. Many players wish there was a way to reward positive players, like a commend system found in other titles such as Overwatch or League of Legends

VALORANT player Krazy Monqui recently shared their ideas for a commend system, explaining how it could potentially reward players with in-game currency while exposing problematic players. After a match, players could commend their teammates for good communication, teamwork, and other positive attributes to let Riot know they helped create a positive environment. Enough commendations could result in receiving in-game currency, incentivizing players to be good teammates. 

Players not receiving commendations could also create a red flag, especially if they are simultaneously being reported for toxic behavior. A commend system could reward and incentivize good behavior while helping Riot track players who are ruining the gaming experience. 

Many players agreed with the proposed system, although it is unclear if the developers intend on adding a commend system anytime soon. Riot is introducing the background launch of a voice evaluation system in VALORANT next month, showing that it’s dedicated to improving the VALORANT experience. A commend system would be another helpful feature.