VALORANT players discover how to clip through A window on Ascent

Make sure to double check A Garden.

Image via Riot Games

A new bug in VALORANT allows players to clip through the A Window on Ascent without breaking the glass and alerting enemies. 

A player uploaded a short clip explaining how to trigger the glitch and sneak to the other side of the glass. Agents must stand in the right corner of the window and aim just above a light in A Garden. The final step is crouching while simultaneously moving forward and right without moving your mouse. If done correctly, players will clip through the window without breaking it.

Dot Esports confirmed this technique works and is easy to replicate after a few tries. Another player also recreated the glitch with ease. Players cannot clip through the opposite side of the window, however, which is good news for defenders holding A Heaven. This is probably an unintentional glitch, and Riot Games will likely address it in a future update.

Moving through A window without shattering the glass provides a considerable advantage in certain situations. Players can push into A Garden to retake the site without alerting enemies about their movements, or quickly rotate to mid without drawing the attention of lurking opponents.

Sound is a significant part of VALORANT, since it helps players keep track of enemy movement if they listen closely and prepare strategies based on this information. A Window on Ascent is an excellent indicator of enemy movement, since they must break the glass before passing through the window.