VALORANT players discover game-breaking run boost with Jett and Raze’s Blast Pack

Players are zooming across the map with this new interaction.

Image via Riot Games

Many VALORANT players were surprised to find out that you could perform a jump boost with Jett’s Tailwind ability. But people have now discovered that you can use the same ability in tandem with Raze’s Blast Pack to reach even farther distances.

By timing the Blast Pack activation with Jett's Tailwind, players are able to boost themselves forward by a huge amount. Although it does take a little bit of preparation to set up, this glitch can become game-changing in actual matches.

On the map Haven, for example, a properly-timed combo can propel Raze from the window at Mid all the way to the back of the B site near the gong. If a team can properly smoke out certain angles, then the attacking squad could propel their teammate deep into the site for an unexpected flank that the defenders have no way of preventing.

The boost's potential was shown off at the end of the video, where the player was thrown into the back of the site. He whiffed all of his shots and was gunned down, but it was clear that no one noticed him fly above the battlefield behind enemy lines.

Many people were in agreement that this should get patched out immediately since a Raze with her ultimate could wipe out a whole squad if she gets one of these impossible flanks off.

Abilities should be impactful, but this interaction isn't fair for the other team. There needs to be some type of counterplay to most flanks, but a player at breakneck speeds is too fast to get shot while in flight. Riot will likely need to patch this out in the coming weeks.