VALORANT players can use Cypher’s Spycam to watch B Long on Bind

Don't let the enemy surprise you.

Image via Riot Games

Cypher is a solid choice for VALORANT players who want to keep track of enemy movement and not be surprised when a team pushes a site.

Cypher’s Spycam allows players to see a large area, mark enemies with a tracking dart, and quickly provide a lot of information. But knowing where to place the Spycam is essential and can change the outcome of a round. One VALORANT player revealed a useful Spycam spot today that can help players hold B site on Bind easily. 

The player placed the Spycam on the corner of a rooftop toward the B site entrance from B long. This location allows the camera to see deep into B long and can also watch B site. Cypher players can call out enemy advances before they happen and monitor enemy movement if they manage to take the site. 

The Spycam is difficult to spot from this location and will potentially be missed by players focusing on enemies or planting the spike. It’s unclear how visible the camera is from B Long, but it does appear to be slightly concealed. Players will also need to learn exactly where to place the camera, but it should be easy after a few practice rounds. 

Cypher is one of the most popular agents in all skill ranks because of his abilities that can help track enemies and prevent them from pushing sites. Combining good Spycam locations with his other abilities, such as Cyber Cage, can stop or delay an enemy attack. Make sure to check for cameras when pushing a site on offense to prevent a Cypher player from gaining an advantage.