VALORANT players can now claim the Prime Gaming Flames in my Veins spray

Don't miss out on this exclusive reward.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT players can unlock the Flames in my Veins spray today by connecting their Riot Games account to Prime Gaming. 

The new spray shows Phoenix biting his lip with his hand on his chin, replicating a popular meme where individuals make the same face. Now, players can recreate the face in-game and rub it in when they pull off an impressive play or win. Phoenix is also known for his personality, and if any agent would make this face, it’d be him. 

VALORANT players have received several exclusive Prime Gaming rewards throughout the year. The Hot Take gun buddy, Nice Smile gun buddy, and Tower of Power gun buddy are exclusive Prime Gaming rewards. Other exclusive rewards include the 200 IQ spray, Pity Party spray, or the Can’t Teach That spray.

VALORANT players with an active Amazon Prime membership consistently receive exclusive cosmetic items. Players who only want the Flames in my Veins spray without committing to a subscription can sign up for a 30-day trial to unlock it. But you won’t receive any rewards after the trial period ends. You also won’t be able to unlock older content, like the Cypher Just Business spray. Prime Gaming includes rewards for other games too, so double-check to see if other titles you enjoy have exclusive content available. 

There are two more VALORANT rewards confirmed for November and December, so make sure to sign up soon to receive the final rewards of the year. 

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