VALORANT players are experiencing a glitch that turns Phoenix invisible

Beware of floating guns.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT players are encountering a new glitch that causes Phoenix to turn invisible after using his ultimate ability. 

A VALORANT player heard the enemy Phoenix activate their ultimate ability, which allows him to respawn at a specific location after a brief period of time. The player found the location that Phoenix would respawn at and patiently waited for what should’ve been an easy knife kill. 

The player did not expect Phoenix to be invisible when he respawned, however, and only saw a floating gun running away from them. The player attempted to shoot the invisible enemy but was quickly eliminated. 

This is not an isolated incident as the player claims it happened twice in a single match. Other players confirmed similar glitches with character models turning invisible in their own games, or certain body parts not rendering. Some players joked that this is just another buff Phoenix received in the launch-day patch

While the glitch is an annoying thing players have to deal with, it is better for it to be a problem now before it impacts the VALORANT ranked playlist.  Riot Games has not acknowledged the glitch publicly, but hopefully it will be addressed before it becomes a problem.