VALORANT player suggests buff for Yoru’s Gatecrash ability

This change could make Yoru slightly stronger.

Image via Riot Games

Yoru is a unique duelist in VALORANT that’s often overlooked. His kit can be tough to use effectively and is less viable in some cases. But one player recently suggested a preview function for the Gatecrash ability that would give Yoru a slight buff. 

When Yoru teleports using the Gatecrash ability, players are teleported to the tether without seeing their surroundings. This is an effective way to escape danger quickly, but it can also be detrimental if an enemy finds the tether. 

Enemies can hear Yoru’s tether and wait for him to use it to secure an easy kill. This makes it risky to teleport into contested areas since players can’t see if an enemy is waiting. But adding a small preview of the immediate area might make the ability more useful. 

A player uploaded a short clip explaining how the Gatecrash ability can be buffed by showing a small glimpse of the surrounding area when Yoru teleports. They also suggested allowing Yoru’s gun to be pulled out faster to engage enemies immediately.

Opponents can still wait for Yoru to teleport and try to kill him, but giving Yoru players a fighting chance might be effective. They’d have to be quick and accurate to survive but wouldn’t be completely helpless. 

Riot Games recently buffed Yoru in Patch 2.06, which made him a slightly more viable option. But many consider Yoru to be less viable than other strong duelists. Further changes are likely needed, though.

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