VALORANT player snags ace with Brimstone ultimate 8 seconds into a Spike Rush round

"Sorry to spoil the party."

Screengrab via Riot Games

When Brimstone says he’s opening up the sky, he isn’t kidding.

A VALORANT player showcased the perfect Brimstone ultimate during a Spike Rush game last night, landing an ace eight seconds into a round.

As soon as the round started, the Brimstone player appeared to have a calculated plan. They smoked Ascent’s A main and shot a molly to stop the opposing team from advancing. The player then sent in the Orbital Strike, raining fire on five enemies for the five K.

Others commenting on the Reddit post surmised that Brim’s “done this line up several times.” The smoke appeared to be in a specific spot that would confuse enemies and push them forward, while the molly simultaneously held them in place. This would make for easy pickings.

But the player put those assumptions to rest.

“Actually it was first time for this lineup and I am sage main,” they said.