VALORANT player shows Viper one-way using Poison Cloud on Breeze

"Poison Orb emitting."

Image via Riot Games

A VALORANT player showed off a simple to execute one-way smoke that players can use on the game’s latest map, Breeze.

This handy trick will assist players in defending A site since it allows for the user to completely control enemy players advancing up the ramp from mid.

You’re going to want to position yourself right in front of the doors to the ramp with your Poison Orb ready to throw. After aiming this above the metal beam, your orb should ricochet off the roof and land on the edge of the beam.

Once it is activated, only players standing up the ramp will have vision down, while anyone at the bottom looking to advance will need to go forward blind.

With that main entry blocked off, it should make it slightly easier to defend the site and could help facilitate some easy kills. Not only does Poison Orb block vision, but if the enemy decides to push their way through it will deal some nice damage to assist in securing the take down.

Thankfully, even if this plan doesn’t work Viper has plenty of abilities that can be used to limit the vision of her enemies and help score the W for the team. 

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