VALORANT player shows off easy locations to wall bang enemies

Learn how to get kills and frustrate enemies at the same time.

Image via Riot Games

One VALORANT player has some tips for taking out enemies through walls—and they won’t know what hit them.

Wall banging allows players to shoot through surfaces to deal damage to enemy targets. For difficult-to-peek corners, players might be better off shooting through a wall instead of risking their lives. A VALORANT fan broke down several great wall bang spots across all three maps, posting the informative video today. 

One highly-contested location on Split is the long tunnel that leads to the B bombsite. To take out any enemies peeking the left side of the tunnel, players should stand in the back corner of the site.

Screengrab via VALORANT Joker

By aiming through the bulletin board, you can take out any peekers easily using the Operator. This same principle can work with assault rifles as well. But since they have less wall penetration and require more shots to kill a target, it might be more difficult to pull off.

Screengrab via VALORANT Joker

This same principle can be applied from Split’s A bombsite. If you planted the spike and know an enemy is peeking through Heaven, you can shoot on either side of a specific gap on the map. Shooting on the left side of the gap will hit someone peeking left, and vice versa. This is a great spot for picking off someone in a one-vs-one standoff.

VALORANT fans looking to learn all seven wall bang locations can watch the video in its entirety.