VALORANT player shows how to climb the Radianite boxes on Haven’s A site

It might not be the most useful trick in the game.

Image via Riot Games

Visibility is key to success in VALORANT, and one player has highlighted a handy trick to get the high ground on Haven’s A site.

In a highlight clip, the user is able to climb their way onto the Radianite boxes in the center of the site. This is done through some careful movement, but can be relatively easy once you’ve got it down.

First, you’ll want to approach the box from the defender’s side, walking forward at a specific angle that will drag the player up on the side of the box. If done correctly, once you see the lower tip of the leaves as shown in the clip, you should be good to jump and wind up successfully on the box.

The position might not be the most stealthy, but you may be able to catch an enemy off guard and score yourself some early kills. Another thing to consider is that unless you’ve practiced the movement, attempting this during a match could wind up giving the enemy a perfect opportunity to take you out. 

Given that this movement wasn’t intended in the game, it may be patched out in the near future. For now though, players are free to experiment with this position to see if it can benefit their playstyle.

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