VALORANT player showcases how to properly defend Bind’s B site with Killjoy

Trap placement is key.

Image via Riot Games

It seems like Killjoy is living up to her name.

One VALORANT fan discovered an effortless way to defend Bind’s B site from the enemies’ advances using Killjoy, posting a video last night. By properly placing the agent’s utilities, you can take out enemies before they know what hit them.

First, players can place Alarmbot directly under Hookah’s window next to the crate. Right next to your Alarmbot, put down a Nanoswarm grenade. The two abilities synergize extremely well together since Alarmbot dishes out a Vulnerable debuff that increases the amount of damage a target takes. This makes Killjoy’s molly even more devastating.

Players can then throw another Nanoswarm at B Long’s entrance and a Turret on top of the awning outside of Elbow. The placement of the Turret is important because enemies can’t shoot it down from Hookah unless they jump through the window. This will also alert you if the enemies step onto site, letting you activate your Nanoswarm without having to look at the incoming opponents.

The savvy VALORANT player even showed off the strategy in-game, executing an easy four-K in a matter of seconds.

The new agent increases the defensive capabilities of squads running three Sentinels, adding Cypher and Sage into the mix. While many pros have enjoyed running Killjoy in their games, she’ll be disabled in the upcoming FaZe Clan Invitational to ensure “competitive integrity.” The agent will be disabled in official tournaments until Riot is “confident in her stability.”