VALORANT player secures buzzer-beater ace to finish match

The perfect way to close a game.

Image via Riot Games

Getting a last-second elimination is always impressive, much like getting an ace. But when they are both executed together, it becomes something truly special.

This is exactly what happened to a player in a recent VALORANT game.

In a clip posted to Reddit, a Viper player was left as the final person alive on their team facing off against four opponents who had just planted the spike. Taking it slow, the player secured their second elimination of the round as they slowly pushed into the A site on Icebox.

After entering the warehouse, the player managed to quickly take down both Sage and Brimstone, leaving just Killjoy to defend the spike.

With no sign of her location, Verbing began defusing the spike with limited time left. After sticking the defuse, Killjoy showed up with a firefight between the pair breaking out as the game and match conclusion screen began to show.

In the slow-motion shootout, Verbing managed to end the game perfectly, securing the final takedown and ace to close out the team’s dominant 13-3 victory.

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