VALORANT player secures ace with 5 one-shot Sheriff kills

Beware of the Sheriff.

Image via Riot Games

A VALORANT player recently pulled off an incredible ace while using the Sheriff and eliminated the entire enemy teams with headshots. 

The player was covering C Site on Haven when they heard several footsteps coming from C Long. They were the only player defending the site and only had a Sheriff at their disposal. But the Sheriff is more than enough in the right hands. 

As the enemy team entered the site and started planting the spike, the player stepped out of their hiding spot and quickly killed an enemy with an Operator and the person planting the spike. Two other enemies engaged the player from C Long, but they were still no match for the Sheriff despite having weapons. 

After eliminating four enemies, the player pushed toward C Garage, where the final opponent was making their last stand. They killed the final enemy with one last headshot to win the round and secure their ace. The opposing players appeared to be less experienced, though, since they couldn’t take out the Sheriff player despite having the advantage. Regardless, the player in this clip pulled off an incredible play. 

The Sheriff is a tricky weapon to use since it requires precision to land headshots. Enemies won’t die to a body shot and it’s tough to hit consecutive shots with the Sheriff because of its intense recoil. But if you can land headshots, you can easily take out multiple enemies, just like this player did.

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