5 shots, 5 kills: VALORANT player scores ace with Chamber

A superb play.

Image via Riot Games

Since his release, VALORANT players have called Chamber one of the most powerful champions in the game. Recently, one of them showcased his potential.

A player on the VALORANT subreddit posted a video of them scoring an ace with Chamber on Fracture, which was achieved using only weapons spawned by his abilities.

At the start of the clip, the enemy team leaves the player in a two-vs-five scenario after eliminating several of their sorry teammates. The opponents were preparing for an A push, with Chamber being the last agent to be stationed there after his allies were wiped out.

With a heavy pistol from Headhunter and eight bullets in the chamber, the player wasn’t afraid and kept pushing onto the site. In a span of two seconds, they took out the enemy Raze and Chamber. The latter was pushing from A main, and friendly Sage was following his footsteps, but she was quick to share his fate by falling to the player’s Headhunter as well.

Once on-site, Chamber activated Tour de Force, deployed some teleport anchors from Rendezvous, and patiently waited for their remaining foes. They didn’t have to wait long, though, since a couple of seconds later they both arrived and were a victim of the sniper rifle.

As of now, Chamber has a 46.2 win rate and only a 9.1 pick rate in solo queue, according to tracker.gg. But he hasn’t been changed since Patch 4.09, which launched on May 10. He still continues to be a strong agent in competitive play, however.