VALORANT player records reaction after hitting Immortal rank

The grind is worth it for moments like these.

Image via Riot Games

A VALORANT player recently recorded their reaction after they reached the Immortal rank for the first time, showing how exciting hitting one of the highest ranks in the game can be. 

VALORANT players take their rank very seriously as they constantly grind to improve and climb their way to the top. Each game is important since their RR will adjust based on their performance and reaching new ranks requires consistent performance. 

Reaching the higher levels in VALORANT is incredibly difficult because the skill level significantly increases, making it tough for an average player to succeed. This makes hitting the higher ranks more satisfying, especially if you’ve grinded for a long time. 

VALORANT player gamesarealliknow posted their reaction after hitting Immortal, the second-highest rank behind Radiant, for the first time. They were overcome with joy when they saw the Immortal symbol appear on their screen and excitedly recorded their accomplishment. Most players won’t hit Immortal and can only dream of sharing a similar experience. 

The player explained that they have roughly 4,500 hours in CS:GO, which was excellent practice for VALORANT. They finally started grinding ranked during this act and climbed from Platinum Two to Immortal. 

Other players congratulated the player for their accomplishment and were happy to see another player reach the Immortal rank. Some explained that they can keep grinding and go for Radiant, although this is the highest rank in VALORANT and tough to reach. But anyone can continue to improve in VALORANT if they’re dedicated and this player is on the right track. 

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